Welcome to Padova, motherland of History, Art, Faith and Science. Our land, so rich in culture, will amaze you for its tourist offer and its art of making you feel at home. Welcome.

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It was Giotto in the early fourteenth century to inaugurate an extraordinary season for narrative and monumental painting. Today Padua retains a matchless heritage of “narrating walls”, large fresco...
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Andrea Palladio was born in Padova (Padua) where he was baptized in the year 1508. In his hometown he left no important works but in the Paduan province he revealed his talent in the project of two...
Piombino Dese - Villa Marcello
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Palladio, grande genio nato a Padova, non ha lasciato nessuna opera nella sua città, anche se gli sono attribuiti il monumento funebre a Luigi Visconti alla Basilica di Sant'Antonio ed è documentata...
Province of waterways
The Battaglia Canal, completed in 1201, commences in Padova, in the ancient harbour called Bassanello, and runs straight to Battaglia Terme, carrying further on to Monselice. The Battaglia Riviera...