PADOVA 24 hours by train

This itinerary has been designed for those who have just one day to spend in Padua: in just a few hours you will get a true feeling of the city and will be left with the desire to return.


Walks towards the city centre from the train station along the wide Corso del Popolo. The first stop is at the Musei Civici Eremitani: here you can go into the enchanting Cappella Scrovegni, where you can see frescoes by Giotto (we advise you to read up on how to book this visit before arriving in the city). Next to the museum complex there is the Chiesa degli Eremitani, which is well worth the few minutes visit.

Head into the city centre, passing through the Porta Altinate: you will find yourself in a pedestrian area where you can take a leisurely walk through the streets, admiring the buildings and shops along the way. It’s now time for a well-earned coffee at the famous Caffè Pedrocchi, after which, we suggest that you visit the Palazzo del Bo’, home to the historic University of Padua.



After lunch we suggest that the first thing you do is visit the Palazzo della Ragione, where you can admire the geniality of the person who designed it and the frescoes on the walls.

Now head towards Via S. Francesco, passing in frony of the Tomba di Antenore, the founder of Padua, so legend has it, and Palazzo Zabarella, which houses exhibitions of paintings.

Continue for a few minutes along Via del Santo to get to the Basilica di S. Antonio, a popular destination for devotees and art lovers which has become one of the symbols of our city.

After this, walk along Via Belludi and prepare yourself for the breath-taking view of the Prato della Valle, one of the largest squares in Europe.

Treat yourself to an aperitif before ending the day with either a visit to the Orto Botanico, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the Basilica di Santa Giustina,  an imposing Renaissance church. If your legs aren’t too tired, we recommend that you try to see them both!