PADOVA 24 hours

This is an itinerary for those who have just 1 day to spend in Padova: just some hours to have a view of the city and you will come back soon for sure!

The tour starts in Piazza Radin, where you can park your car (

From here, you can start your walk and admire the Prato della Valle, one of the biggest square of Europe. In the immediate vicinity, the St. Justine Cathedral, a huge Renaissance building. Now walk down along via L. Belludi, to get to St. Anthony Basilica, a worldwide known pilgrim destination, one of the symbols of the city. Near to the Basilica, you can reach Bothanic Garden, a Unesco heritage site.

Walk down to via del Santo: you will pass in front of Palazzo Zabarella, a successful painters – exhibitions venue, and then by Antenore tomb, the legendary founder of the city.

You can now experience the city and have a drink, a typical aperitivo, in one of the local bars in the pedestrian area and have look at the vibrant life of the historic centre.


In the afternoon first of all Palazzo della Ragione is worth visiting, you will be astonished by the frescos and wooden ceiling of this stunning building.
Shortly after  you can admire the Palazzo del Bo', the ancient University, today the location of the Faculty of Law.
A quick coffee in the historic Caffè Pedrocchi is recommended., and then further down to Cavour Square and Via Altinate.

Passing through the Porta Altinate you will be in Eremitani Square: in front of you the Eremitani Chuch, and if you have just few minutes, it is well worth a visit.
At the left side, the Musei Civici Eremitani, in which you can enter to the Cappella degli Scrovegni, thw worldwide famous Chapel with Giotto’s frescos cycle. (please be informed about how to book a visit before arriving).

Your walk tour is finished and you can be tempted by the desire to come back soon to Padua..